Jack Tar

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Length over all: 26' 1 3/4"
Waterline Length: 24' 2 3/4"
Beam: 9'3"
Draft: 3'0
Displacement: 6000 lbs

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This lobsterboat design began with a commission from National Fisherman for a series of articles on building a small plywood workboat, at an economical cost. It was intended to be a simple, practical, common-sense design, that could be built by anyone with basic woodworking skills. Although the use of plywood dictated a hard chine hull form, I tried to retain the essential character of the Maine lobsterboat, with its stability, good performance, and legendary sea-keeping ability.

The hull is built upside down on a set of building frames that incorporate bulkheads and partial bulkheads, so that these do not have to be installed later. Fore and aft girders add strength to the bottom of the boat, where it is needed, resulting in a strong, light hull. Planking is plywood; fiberglass sheathing adds strength and keeps maintenance to a minimum.

The plans include 12 sheets of detailed drawings, and an illustrated building manual (the cabin cruiser and workboat cabin layouts are shown). The boat does not have to be lofted; a set of corrected offsets allows you to draw the frames full size on sheets of plywood. Full size patterns on Mylar are available as an optional extra.


A Jack Tar - built and launched by Gary Zwissler

WHAT YOU CAN ORDER: (Click on Boat Design and Prices Page and Order Form)

    This contains blueline drawings, and a booklet with a complete description of the boat, its development and construction. The booklet is illustrated with photographs and drawings, and includes a reprint of the original NATIONAL FISHERMAN articles. $12.00 + P&H ($2.50 USA, $20.00 Canada, $24.00 all other countries.)

  • PLANS:
    Construction drawings, building manual, offsets. $175.00 + P&H. Shipping Costs are given on the Order Form

    Printed on Mylar, showing stem, transom, bulkheads, and building frames. $450.00. Shipping Costs are given on the Order Form

    The epoxy kit comes from System Three Resins, and includes all the resin, hardener, additives, fiberglass cloth, measuring pumps, brushes, rollers, and other items that you will need. Please call for details.

    Plywood packages include all the plywood listed in the building manual. They come from World Panel Products, Inc., Riviera Beach, Florida. Three types of plywood are available; meranti, okoume, and sapele. All are high quality, marine grade plywood. Please call for details.


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