I enjoyed this project tremendously, and was a little sorry to see it end, but for the fact that I have also enjoyed using the boat so much.
Fred Fisher, Florida.

      I have developed a tremendous respect for your designing skills. You are truly gifted.
Jeff Jacobson, Colorado.

      Your instruction manual for the Penobscot 17 is a masterpiece, and could easily stand on its own as a boatbuilding instruction book.
John Aitken, Ontario, Canada.

      Thank you very much for a great design, good plans and quick response to telephone calls for help. I am absolutely delighted with the design.
Paul Lundblad, N. Kingstown, Rhode Island.

      My name is Robert Mason. I built a Laughing Gull in 2004. She came out great and has been set aside for grandchildren. I just finished the Jiffy V-22 and I love this boat. She runs great! Yamaha 115 EFI, 3 blade 17. I am getting 35 mph 5800 rpm. She cruises at 25, turns in her own length and runs very dry. Thank you for two beautiful designs.
Robert B. Mason, Gulf Breeze, Florida. (Robert has now also built a Penobscot 17.)

      I constantly get compliments from fellow yachtsmen and fishermen. My hat is off to you for your lovely design.
Larry Warren, Maine.

      Thanks for helping a beginner through the building process.
Bob Nichols, Wisconsin.

      The plans and guidebook were fantastic. I had basically a lot of enthusiasm and very little woodworking experience. I feel it was a great life experience for me and my sons and especially for my daughter, for whom the boat is named.
David Stone, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

      The Palaten performed wonderfully. We appeased Neptune with champagne before our lovely boat tasted the water, then off to our barrier islands and back again. What a wonderful project she has been and still is. Palaten just flies over the water. What a wonderful vessel!
Steve Boyer, Franktown, Virginia.

      I want to tell you what a tremendous success and pleasure I enjoyed building my Grace's Tender. The process was a joy. She sails sweetly, and her stability is breathtaking. Thanks again for a great introduction to the craft.
Matthew Wright, Brattleboro, Vemont