Jiffy 9-7


This boat was first described in articles in National Fisherman, in November and December, 1993. I designed the Jiffy 9-7 for a friend to use as a tender for his sailboat. He wanted it to be self-bailing. I wondered about a new building method - why not build the skiff from the inside out, starting with a watertight deck?

The Jiffy 9-7

There would be no building jig, and no frames; you would simply cut the deck to shape, add a stem and transom, and a set of fore and aft members (which I called keels, for want of a better word), and glue and screw or nail the bottom to them. The sides would go on last, their flare being determined by the shape of the deck and bottom. Building the prototype proved to be as quick and simple as I thought it should be. I designed the Jiffy 22 as a small outboard powered cabin skiff using the same basic construction method.

Plans for the Jiffy 9-7 include drawings showing the shapes of the deck and bottom panels, and the keels, stem, and transom, with construction and detail drawings. There is also a set of step by step instructions. No lofting is required; the shapes of the various parts are laid out on the plywood from which they will be made.




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